Our Little Farm

Our house!

We got a taste of country living on a little 5 acre farm and decided we needed more.  We now live on a lovely little 50 acre plot, complete with bush and a river and a lake in the front pasture (during spring run off anyway).  We grow a lot of our own veggies, which we preserve for the winter months.  We raise little Nigerian dwarf goats, various meat goats, sheep, Berkshire pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks and rabbits on pasture when it’s not winter.  We also make natural soaps, balms and other concoctions.

We don’t like how “things are going” in the world these days.  We want the space to be able to provide for our family without interference.  We would love to one day be able to call ourselves farmers.  Right now we’re learning and loving the land.

Below is a photo montage documenting our first foray into the fine art of chicken rearing.  (AKA: Our first time killing and butchering a chicken).

If you eat poultry and find the process documented below appalling, we would encourage you to find out what the inside of an intensive chicken barn looks like (for meat or eggs) or a large processing plant.  We have no problem eating meat.  We are not vegetarian.  We do have a problem with eating products from animals who have lead frankly miserable lives, suffered a horrific demise and were processed in conditions that are so poor that they require a bleach bath to be called edible.  If you could not bring yourself to kill it, you shouldn’t be eating it.  Take some responsibility for your actions, or bow out.

Need some convincing?  Check out FactoryFarm or watch The Meatrix Videos.