Plunking Away

Winter hasn’t clamped down on us yet, we may actually get a green Christmas.  I know we are supposed to be upset about warming weather, but when some years treat you to a full five months of 5 months of winter… visibility in December becomes a real treat.

Bob is rocking the home school monkey.  We covered everything set out in his Kindergarten curriculum, so I bought a Grade 1 work book and he’s been doubly keen to do his work.  Meeps has had a recent burst of interest in reading, perhaps inspired by her big brother.  If you were to ask them today what they wanted to be when they grew up, Bob would tell you he would like to own his own construction business and Meeps has would say she would like to be an ‘ice cream girl that sells ice cream she makes in the weather when it’s not cold out.’

I have to keep up with them.  It’s pretty good stuff.

My update on the farm is that we aren’t going anywhere.  Not yet.  Not until we’re driven off our land or buried in it.  This is based solely on emotion.  When the apocalypse comes, our decision will be justified.  Until then… not so much.  If you care to read one of about one hundred reasons why we should move, please read this study on infrasound problems for people living in close proximity to industrial wind turbines.  Even the researchers got sick.

Acousticians confirm Wind Turbine Syndrome.

And besides, if I move, where will I be able to wear all of my highly fashionable farm clothes?