Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas was amazing.  Rekindled friendships, romance.  Refreshed our spirits.  Truly a spectacular adventure, too many fantastics to list.  I’d just be downright bragging if I even started.

Thanks for the photos, Amina.  We’ll see you again soon.


  1. Lisa · December 7, 2011

    yay! so glad you had a great time!
    eek! fab snaps! perfect!
    hoppy birdie two ewe (today!!!)

  2. CorIsMaLy · December 7, 2011

    you are gorgeous.

  3. Lisatlantic · December 7, 2011

    My sis lives there!

  4. Twwly · December 7, 2011

    In Goodsprings? Or Vegas?

  5. Lisatlantic · December 7, 2011

    Vegas. :) She works at House of Blues. We just visited in October, crazy neat city.

  6. Alex · December 7, 2011

    glad you had fun!

  7. Ivy · December 7, 2011

    A very Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for the new year. What are you planning to have for Christmas dinner? X

  8. Krissy · December 7, 2011

    I’m going to come back a few posts, even though that is a jerk thing to do to say that you are a fucking bad ass and I am so glad that people like you exist who think and do hard things and fight the battles worth fighting. Thank you for being strong.