This summer brought us our first nephew, Kieran.  Here we are happily making total fools of ourselves trying to keep him from fussing:

We canoed lots, but never enough:

Scott also got to join Tim and the Cut Down Crew on a hunting excursion.  Our shed is stocked with decoys and our house has been a continual honk-a-thon.  I wonder if this will be like bagpipes, if it will sound better with practice?  The children have sure found an effective way to get us out of bed.

Can I be a big weenie for a minute?  I need to talk about hair.  I’ve got an appointment to get my hair done next Friday.  Cut, colour.  I really enjoyed 5 years of being dye free and while there is something endearing about having your honey help cut your hair, I am looking forward to a fresh look for fall.  I am still enjoying my sidecut, even though I lost count of how many women had sidecuts in Montreal.   I am leaning towards ombre highlights, though I am sensing I may be arriving late to that trend too.  It was Yolandi’s hair (the one with the rats) that originally inspired my Amish bowl cut last summer, and while I love that white blonde I know I can’t handle the maintenance.  But a girl can dream…

Which of these pictures should I bring to the hair salon with me?