We are back from beautiful Montreal.  It was, as usual, a very well run convention.  Saw old friends, made new friends, and ate our way across the city.  TriExpress served us up sushi I had never even seen the likes of before; Eggspectations, while a chain, has never disappointed me; Beauty’s was worth the wait for it’s adorable atmosphere and quick service.  Garde Manger took the win, with a dinner that was out of this world.  Lobster poutine, I’m coming for you again next year!

It was wonderful to be around other tattooed folk.  I got to be with my husband for five whole days, doing what adults do.  Awesome.  I was completely awed by Mike Rubendall‘s book, chuffed to see lots of SuicideGirls trotting about, discovered Ruthless is nothing like her television persona (surprise), and reminded that the drama we felt was such an anomaly for our shop this year is all too often par for the course.  We are far from the only ones whose apprentice quit abruptly only to go work down the road!  Nice to see some light in an otherwise dark situation.

4 nights was just long enough away that I enjoyed myself without missing my children, and just long enough that they didn’t have to get missing on me.  They had great fun with grandparents and we were both relieved to be reunited for that 5th night.  We came home laden with goodies, including this years Halloween costumes (Maggie: fireman; Bob: superhero) and an oversized stuffed trout from Uncle Steve and Aunty Morgan.   Can’t share any of the photos he shot until the magazine goes to print, but Steve sure does have magic in his light box I tell you.

Today brought us the annual Terry Fox Run, which Scott and my dad ran once before everyone showed up and again when the run began formally.  Twice for good measure, just to make it stick!

We’ve been enjoying a leisurely afternoon, soaking up the last of these rays before we wind up swathed in downy feathers and GoreTex for six months.

Hope you are too.


…Stand in the Light…