Montreal Bound

Packing up for our first 4 night child free extravaganza in the history of our childbearing!  Only took five years, but we are ready to leave the nest and the nestlings behind.

We are heading to the Montreal Tattoo Convention this weekend.  Scott still has some appointment time available on Friday, if anyone is interested, please email

Got farm sitters all lined up.  (So don’t anyone get any ideas about our house being empty, it’s not).  Canned pear sauce this weekend and half a bushel of tomatoes are simmering away so that they don’t rot on the vine in my absence.

Scott has a tattoo appointment with Grime, and I have one with Seth C.**  We get to act like adults and be around other adults for five days, and could there be a better city to do that in?  I could not possibly be more excited and in need of a break.


But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss these little faces far too much already…..

**Canceled!  Not coming to the show after all.  Rats!