Too Legit to Quit

I’ve done image retouching now for a decade.  And I have always purchased my software since it is tools I used for a job.   I never took maternity leave from retouching and I still do the odd job in my spare time.  The version of Photoshop I am currently running is CS2 (practically a dinosaur) and as I’ve been helping a friend learn the PS ropes lately, I was inspired to seek an upgrade for myself.

I purchased the upgrade for Photoshop CS5 which was a couple hundred bucks, money well spent if you ask me.  I have convinced many a friend to purchase legit software for jobs they do legitimately themselves.  Not only does it seem ethical, but it’s a tax write off.

PS CS5 parcel comes in the mail in record time.

But I can’t install it.  Turns out since I am upgrading from a LEGIT Creative Suite 2 Premium, I cannot downgrade to installing only the Photoshop CS2 to Photoshop Cs5 upgrade for a couple hundred bucks.  (Photoshop being all I ever actually use.)  Oh no, the only thing that will work for my system is upgrading the entire Creative Suite (or close to it) for a whopping $949 USD.


Thanks for protecting me from the shame of downgrading by fucking me with an unobtainable upgrade, Adobe.  So glad I’ve shelled out over the last decade to run y’all legitimately.