Around the Farm

Finally got my pictures together so I could participate in Farmama’s Around the Farm Thursdays!  Here we go!

Pigs have learned to drink from their automatic waterer. This is a huge blessing, it means no more hauling 200′ of hose to them 2x a day, or gallon after gallon of water in buckets.  Their wallow is impressive, and it looked like they might tunnel out of their fencing, but they seemed to have abandoned the project.  (We wound up naming them Pig, Pig and Pig this year).

I planted more flowers this year, I guess I was feeling industrious. They are in big pots and all along our balcony.  There are many pots this year: baskets of begonias, rosemary, lavender, leeks, lambs ears, chamomile, calendula, zinnias, lemon balm, sheep sorrel and basil all have their own pots, which I am actually remembering to water!

My potatoes are going berserk in their big tractor tires.  I mulch with straw so I don’t have to dig them out.

A row of calendula, which I use for salves and soaps.

My transplanted mulberry tree is still alive!  And doing great.  And I have also managed to keep my blueberry bushes alive.  Very exciting stuff.  Things are not yet dead.  VICTORY IS MINE!

My brassicas are plugging along.  We are growing brussel sprouts, cabbage and broccoli this year.

Squash is starting to flower.  Spaghetti squash and pumpkins this year.  I see no need to grow zucchini as people seem to drop it off by the bag full, happy to be rid of it.

Growing sweet potatoes for the first time this year, they seem very happy so far.

I have roughly 60 tomato plants.  I figure that ought to leave enough for the horn worms and children to pillage, and still put some away.

Scott and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  I love him so much and am so lucky to have someone who loves me, as I am.  We had hoped to take a honeymoon this year, but with the farm in full swing we did not have the time.  Hopefully this means we’ll have a 10 year anniversary honeymoon blow out.  I genuinely look forward to every minute, every year I will get to spend with my husband.

I had no idea when we first happened to kiss, after all of those years, that this… this big beautiful life we have together… would explode into fruition.  We welcomed into our home another beautiful piece from Jason Tennant to celebrate our love and remind us that peace is the way.

Having recently weeded our emotional garden, I look forward to a year ahead of new growth and glory.  We must thin to create space for the full potential of our creations.

My little Meeps turned 3.  Unreal.  We lit off fireworks and ate a chocolate cake that weighed as much as she weighs.  Life is bursting with bounty, full of joy.

We are so blessed.