2 FAQ Answered

#1. “Should I join SuicideGirls“.  SG is not the same site today that it was when I joined in 2002.  Back when we walked to school uphill both ways and LIKED IT, all because the other tramps we were walking with were so fucking cool.  And my experience with SG was supercalafragalistic; it was what it was because I made it that way, because the moon was in the 5th house.  My experience is MY experience, not yours.  SO.  I have answered this question countless times like this:

  • *Do you want to make a living from taking off your clothes?  If yes, do hardcore porn.  Plenty of internet and film companies exist that take alt models.  Learn to strip.  Keep your head on straight and have fun.
  • *Do you want to possibly make a little extra cash, and be known, forever more, as one of the legions?  If yes, join SG.  Community remains there, and it may be just what you are looking for.  Keep your head on straight and have fun.

#2. “Do you regret doing SuicideGirls“.  No.  Because, duh.  It was a blast.  I made a living for myself through SG and because of SG.  I took moderate to mediocre pictures of myself, posted them on the internet and magical opportunities abounded.  It was really, truly, pretty damn terrific.

Best of all, those other girls I walked to school with, both ways uphill, were some of the most awesome women I could have ever have imagined I would have the honor of calling friends.  I have not seen some of them for half a decade now.  Some longer.  Some, I have never actually met in person.

But those women are still out there, reminding me that not ALL women have two faces.

Those women are out there, reminding me to harden the fuck up.  To remain positive.  To not have any guilt about who I am or what I’m into.

Couldn’t be more grateful for each and every one of them.  No matter what path we picked to follow, no matter how different, we are all where we want to be.  And that is a beautiful thing.


In praise of women with confidence.  Women uncovered, with their honesty and straight forwardness, truly without disguise.  Women with balls and brains enough to conduct themselves, not behind backs, but in the open.  Women in hot pursuit of their dreams; without a paralytic need for coddling, or cutting down of other women in pursuit of their own.

Women redefining beauty, women in action, women moving forward.