Our chickens look like giant clouds of feathers.  They go for processing on the 4th: anyone local interested in some Duncan Chicken is welcome to shoot me an email to:  They come chilled and vac pac’d and must be picked up the day of processing.  They are round, rotund… chicken balls if you will.  (Har, har, har).  Limited quantity.  (See previous post).

We are still having predator problems. We have caught several raccoons in our not live for very long trap.  But one (at least) is still scaling easily up the 4+ foot tall turkey brooder doors to snack on animal feed, thankfully remaining unaware that on the other side of the flimsy wood is a baby turkey buffet.  And this morning I went out to discover this, the chicken would have been pulled through the 2″ gap between the metal bar and the ground.  Half chewed pelvis, feathers and a foot.  Terrific.  Good thing the kids are having a sleepover this eve, because I know what Scott and I will be up to all night long.

Everything else is super.  Our pre-loved cover-all type building is going up quick and easy, thanks to a super work crew.  “Ground Up Contracting” is rocking the monkey.  Pigs are growing (and eating) like teenagers.  The laying hens were let out to wander the yard, promptly destroyed my strawberries and several flower & herb plots and have been grounded until harvest.  The kids were ecstatic for the Teddy Bear Parade, and we are all super stoked for tonight: the first pipe band parade of the year (a weekly event here).

Just waiting for some decent weather, I’ve done chores the last several times in the rain, which is getting a bit wearing.  Bring on SUMMER, please!