Flower Tattoo

My darling husband tattooed me last night.  Thank goodness he is fast!  That was pretty darn sharp, and I can’t believe how much it still zings today.  Not very conducive for chores, but thankfully we have boxes of nitrile gloves at hand.  My strawberries and raspberries are in cold, dark storage, so hopefully this hand is healed enough by this weekend to do some serious digging.  Cuz I sure ain’t doing it today.

2011’s baby chicks are doing great, they just arrived. They have their own dedicated shed this year, which is working beautifully.  I am SO pleased with the set up, as the shed contains enough floor space for them and for feed storage as it is divided in half.

Our Amish neighbours, who do not have the ease of using heat lamps (no electricity) have rigged up a propane heated halved oil drum for their chicks, and so far so good.  Much nicer than having them in the kitchen by the wood stove, as was done before.

Really savouring every second of their fleeting cuteness.  (And I’ve booked them in for processing already, not leaving it to the last minute this year, no sir!)


Thank you, honey.