Lit Up

Spring is slowly, slowing coming here.  I saw my first little purple crocus peeking out of the mud just yesterday.  The pig pasture is still totally covered in snow, not for any reason other than the fact that I’ve been chomping at the bit to move 2 piglets into it for weeks now.  The children are getting along famously.  The sun is beaming today, I went out wearing only a wool sweater and a vest, and I felt like a million bucks.

Our big news is that we’re in the purchase process of a 30’x40′ cover-all building.  In addition to the sunshine, this has significantly improved my mood.  We found out recently that on top of Acciona’s 50 industrial wind turbines, that Lakewind will be putting turbines in only the block to our direct south.  I was feeling very unsure if I could live with the feeling of  being totally surrounded (at every direction but east).  We are stepping forward to spring with new hope and new plans, continuing to put our roots down here, and we’ll just have to roll with whatever comes.  We don’t want to live in town, and with the GEA allowing what has become an industrial development free for all in rural Ontario, there is nowhere else we COULD move to get away from it.  The cover-all feels like a big step in the right direction of our plans for permanence here.

I thought I would feel a weight off of my shoulders when I gave a delegation to council some time ago, but that relief was very temporary.  Actively engaging with our farm for the future, oh, that’s just something one can really get juiced up by!

I have plans, oh so many plans.  Now all I need is two of me.  One with superior strength, carpentry skills and a tractor.


My new for 2011 plans include raised garden bed experimentation; tree planting (maples and willows); designing and building stalls for the new building; throwing a party in the building before the stalls are built; fencing around the building; acquiring some breeding stock to put in the building.  And if I have time, setting up some bee hives.

Anyone have any new plans for their gardens or farms or homes this spring?