Highlights of the Holidays Thus Far

Daddy made wooden tattoo machines for the children.

They forcibly tattooed Aunty Julia’s face in a modern and benevolent reenactment of Polynesian torture.

Hat tipped to Dylan Thomas and our somewhere around 25th annual Christmas Eve reading of A Child’s Christmas in Wales, I bought my son a catapult.  Which he will construct with his father, who I will have to send to Canadian Tire for a bulk purchase of safety goggles for us all.

Two adorable little dollies which I should have made myself, but instead purchased from Etsy arrived for The Meeps.   (Acorn  hat!!  Meeps needs her own acorn hat!!)

The children also received art supplies out the wazoo and a bean bag toss I found at the craft show for when they are feeling like throwing things in the house.

I received boots from Aunty Julia.  Not just any boots, oh no.  Boots I have promised not to wear to do chores.  Like all of those city people who wear Hunters but have never stepped in anything other than a dog turd on concrete, I now own DRESS WELLIES!  My entirely practical winter attire comes exclusively from Canadian Tire, and I was offered a “new cardboard box to sleep in” recently, so this is a step up I am excited to embrace.

Though I have no picture of it, the absolute highlight gift of 2010, which we may never be able to top, was a handful of pulleys and carabiners and a whack of old rope.  Bob has been learning about pulleys lately and loving it, making simple pulleys just using string and a chair back.  His world was cracked in two when he came downstairs Christmas morning to see ashy footprints coming out of our open fireplace and a multiple pulley set up hanging from one of our big wooden beams!  We have since discovered the dog harnesses clip up very nicely…