Which Came First

In case you needed 9 reasons to stop buying eggs from industrial egg producers… may I present you with the following link from the DAILY BEAST.

We are very lucky to have our own happy, healthy henny pennies.  I know not everyone does.  Happy healthy eggs, if you are shopping out of the grocery store, are not necessarily more expensive.  A dozen eggs from my neighbour (whose chickens lives outdoors in non-winter and in the biggest hen condo I have every seen in the winter, and eat organic food and of course have never been medicated) cost $2.50.  Buy from her mother and you pay a whopping $2/dozen.

And speaking of price, if touring over to a farm to buy your eggs, or shopping via a co-op is not an option for you and good eggs from the store are extortionate, may I simply propose you eat less eggs?  To quote Michael Pollan: “eat food, mostly plants, not too much.”

As I have mentioned on here before, there is lunacy out there, disguised as “healthy” and “green”.  Like “vegetarian” eggs.  PS people, if a chicken can’t eat a bug, it’s not outside.  And chickens LIKE to eat bugs.  They need protein. Also, just because it’s “organic” doesn’t mean it got to walk around.

We have somehow abdicated our food rights.  For the sake of the animals who are lined up in droves to give us their lives, not to mention our own health, put a little bit of leg work into reading the labels on your food.  (That is if there is a label on it).  Or do a little leg work and find a farm whose practices you can get behind.  Or build a chicken coop.

I’m no angel.  I am not so staunchly home grown that I refuse to eat eggs in a restaurant.  But it’s not hard at all to ensure that the bulk of my animal proteins are harvested as ethically as possible. I mean, I don’t want to eat that shit.  It’s literally shit.  (How could anyone eat industrial chicken again after learning what a stunning percentage of it’s packaged weight is literally fecal soup from water baths?)

Yeah, life is suffering.  But with little effort, there can be just a little bit less of it.

This is an agricultural concentration camp and there is no need for it.  (Only greed).