String Quilt

My first ever quilt block!  It’s not exactly a block I guess, since it’s not exactly square… but my heart was in the right place.

Thank you to Film In the Fridge & Anna Maria Horner.

In other news, had a fairly horrendous morning.  Scott went out to move a bag of feed over to the turkey tractor for me, and I come downstairs to see him walk by the front window with the axe.

Turns out some nasty predator tried to pull one of our turkeys out of the tractor through a 2″ space under the side.  Got teeth and claws in and just started pulling.  Until there was no skin left at all on the back of the turkey.

As I have previously blogged, poultry have a penchant for cannibalism, so its buddies were eating it when Scott came out.  To make matters worse, it was still alive.  Hence the hatchet.

I roasted the breasts and legs after cutting off the deep gashes out of the thighs.  Incredibly deep.  I feel so bad for that poor bird.