Feeling like I have to make the most out of every last second of summer as the warning shot has been fired.  Yup.  In my mailbox this week was the local Fall Fair booklet.  Bob has been busy practicing writing his name so he can submit some art into the “Under 5″ craft category.  Fall fairs, like leaves turning, signify the end of the summer season.  I can’t believe it’s almost done.  Life disappears so quickly now.

I’m hoping the Amish who took 120 cord of wood out of our bush over the winter are going to fulfill the rest of their end of the bargain by stacking it cut by the house, something that was supposed to be done months ago.  Time will tell.  And we have some wood to sell, if anyone is interested, email me.

Turkeys are all spoken for, but I have one half a pig for late fall still available, as well as half a lamb and two goats.  Please email me if you are interested in any of the above.

I got dressed up last week for a wedding.  That was nice.  Makeup, hair, clean clothes.  My husband on my arm. We went to the Harbour Brasserie and they do such a frigging fantastic job, top shelf.  They get the DOUBLE rock on.

I feel so thoroughly disconnected from my body after children, despite the perfect atmosphere for ridiculous dancing, I cannot engage.  It’s just not a body that I know how to move.  It’s my body, yes.  Certainly still looks like the same body!  But everything is different.  Seized in some places, joints threating to let go in others.  I am working out (Jillian Michaels, P90x and of course, the farm) but not moving any manner that is comfortable.  Ha.  Hoping with the Grandfathers both retired I may have some time this fall to take a ball room dance class with Scott or something.  That would be so awesome.

Here’s my painted and laquered going out Fancy Face:

Most of the garden is out now.  Peas, beans, raspberries, strawberries, leafies.  I’m trying to beat the hornworms to the tomatoes.  The kids sit and eat them in between helping with morning chores.  The kids help move waterers and the hose, they gather eggs.  It’s sweaty work, but totally sweet.  (My apologies for the horrible photo, they were so badly back lit but it was too cute not to use).

Here’s the Music Garlic laid out for washing like music itself.  (Garlic from Al Cowan’s Garlic Farm, can’t recommend enough).

Really hoping to go the Montreal Tattoo Convention with my husband this year.  We’d be gone from September 9th to the 14th and I am wondering if anyone reading this wants to farm sit or share farm chore duties with other friends and family.  Again, please email me if you’re interested!

I get asked a bunch what camera I use and do I have any tips.  I use a Canon Rebel, with a 20mm 1.8 lens on it.  I like the lens because it lets so much light in I can grab quick pics of the kids in the house or shade without any issue. The downside is that in bright light, shit just gets blown right out.  I’m no photographer.  I don’t usually take the time to make my horizon line level (see garlic above).  My only tips are: try to avoid using a flash; don’t be afraid to get close to your subject; take a squidrillion pictures so you actually have a chance of getting a good one; get aquainted with Photoshop or something similiar so you can at least rotate, crop and remove red-eye.  Just think about what is in your picture.  How it sits in the frame, what the basic composition is.  Oh yeah, and let me repeat: take advantage of the digital world and take a squirillion pictures so you have a chance of getting a good one.


  1. Lauren · August 14, 2010

    I am in awe of your made farming skills. We have three garden boxes that we built this spring and our crop was disappointing. How do you get tomatoes that large? Ours don’t stay on the vine long enough. I blame the birds.

  2. Twwly · August 14, 2010

    Lauren, don’t be jealous, you haven’t seen my thriving weeds! Ha. We grow Amish paste tomatoes mostly, some slicing varieties and cherry tomatoes. I really recommend the small ones because they ripen quickly and you have less chance of losing them I think. They really need regular watering.

    What happens to your tomatoes? Eaten in places?

  3. Julie · August 14, 2010

    Hooray, Fancy Face! Do the kids see you in makeup often? I wonder if they notice the difference.

  4. Hayley · August 14, 2010

    It’s so nice to go out and get all fancy from time to time. My hubbly and I just went to his cousins wedding and it was gooood times. Tell me, Ashley, how much are you charging per bush cord/face cord because I haven’t gotten wood for this winter yet. Also, let me know if you haven’t found a farm sitter yet.

  5. Anonymous · August 14, 2010

    It has been such a gift following your life story since way back on SG. I’m so grateful for your blog. Life does disappear SO quickly doesn’t it?? Your life seems a rich, full and beautiful one, and I’m grateful to be a part of it vicariously!

  6. Bethany Susan · August 14, 2010

    oops, that last comment posted anonymously.

  7. Meaghan · August 14, 2010

    Fall is definitely my favourite season, even though it means winter’s on the way. I just love all the harvest and leaves and that awesome smell. Also, my birthday, of course.

    I’m getting my sleeve (hopefully) finished by Scott in Montreal – it would be sweet if you were there. Would you get any work done or just wander around?

  8. ella · August 14, 2010

    Ooh, I hope you can make the Mtl con, I would be very excited to come and visit you! I can’t believe Bob is 5 already, seems like yesterday you were pregnant with him!

  9. michele · August 14, 2010

    You look just like your mama in those pics!

  10. Kate · August 14, 2010

    You look so beautiful. Good luck with everything.

  11. Steph · August 14, 2010

    You look(ed) SO nice! Hopefully you’ll make it to this beautiful city of mine. I know my friend Clint is pretty much beside himself with wanting to meet you :)

  12. Jovanka · August 14, 2010

    Lurking good sexy mama! So, what is involved in farm sitting?

  13. Katie J · August 14, 2010

    Hey lady! If I had the cash for the plane ride over there and back I would totes house/kidsit for you before I leave the country!!! xx