Us Lately

Garden, garden, garden.  Meat birds in the freezer.  Pickle.  And then pickle again.  Meeps has 2 sleepovers!  Goat chores.  Baby goat up my back.  Bonfire.  Move the turkeys.  Garden.  Bandage laying hen leg.  Move hens.  Chores, chores, chores.  Camp in tent in front yard.  Tomato fucking horn worn invasion.  What I see right now is two children who want the same thing.  Pet sheep.  Curse Bucky.  Garden.  Chores.  No hitting with sticks.  Gentle smashing.  Jam and more jam.  Laundry.  Wipe noses and bums.  Can I not sit down for 2 minutes?  Haul pig feed.  Try not to get run over feeding slops.  Dishes.  Bonfire.  Wiping.  Chores.  Garden.  Chores.  Wiping.  Laundry.  Please stop hitting each other.  Please don’t hit the dog.  Spit goes in the sink.  Shut the door please you’re letting in the flies.  Chores.