May Day and Weaner Weaner

Beltane was great this year.  Well, to be fair, it’s great every year really.

Hoping to incorporate a Blessingway for Meeps during her 2nd birthday party in June.  Have yet to pitch this idea to the appropriate people, but hopefully it’s full of just as much love and light as is conjured up on May Day.  Except maybe… with fireworks.

We’re gearing up to full swing here.  Kids have been really great about the garden this year.  Last year I planted with a toddler trouncing every seed and an infant strapped to my chest, so this year seems like a treat already.  The kids play in their dirt pile, in the muddy pasture, on their swingset.  The come and plant a few seeds, stick mostly to walking down row paths and have done a great job of staying out of the front flower bed.

On the farm front, I suspect that at least one of our two goats was bred successfully on their WinterGoatAdventure with Buford the Smallest Buck in the History of Bucks.  I initially thought neither were bred, but Suki seems to be showing a bit of an udder forming.  I am hopeful.  This Saturday I am due to pick up 2 lambs from a neighbour.  On Monday, 100 baby chicks come.  On June 5th we pick up 2 Berkshire piglets.  On June 7th our farm help arrives.  On June 8th a number of turkeys come, either one or two dozen, I cannot remember.  Have not made cheese yet.  Am hoping to get cracking on that once the farm gal arrives.

I believe chickens and turkeys are all spoken for, but if anyone wants late fall HappyPork, HappyGoat or early winter HappyLamb, drop me a line.

I have heaps of photos to post.  Including the process made thus far on my Kali backpiece.  And my hunk of a husband crossing the finish line of his first 10K road race, the day before his 35th birthday.  I couldn’t be more proud of my man.

And I couldn’t love my children more.  Seriously, how beautiful are these kids.

I nearly forgot!  Miss Meeps!  She’s now 100%, officially, not shitting you WEANED.  That’s right.  Weaned.  She’s had one full week of NotOneDropofBooby and we’re not going back.  I am very sad, as I will never nurse another baby.  I loved nursing, despite the repeat and horrifying mastitis; the nipple biting; the shirt ripping; the non-stop nursing only while I stood and rocked (Bob); the being tethered to my child by my breasts 24/7 thing.  But it was natural, powerful, healthy for both of us and one of the best things I have ever done as a woman, or could do for my child.  I had thought I would nurse her until 2-3 years.  It was a selfish decision.  But it was the right time for me.

I will no longer turn into a pumpkin at 8pm.  I am now free to do such amazing things at bedtime such as: hanging with farm animals, reading quietly in low light and listening to frog music.  Hoping to add some interaction with friends.  Novel.