Fun and Folly

Gardening.  I love it.  And I hate it.  Because no matter what I do, nature has her own plans of course.  Everything was trucking along pretty swimmingly.  Way better than last year.  I made even taller raised beds to save my plants from drowing, had lots of manure and peat tilled in, and felt really… lucky about it all.  And then.  And then the JUNE frost turned about 1/3 of my tomato plants into crispy blackened twigs and demolished 1/2 of my peppers.

Everything else seems to be OK.  Sunflowers are popping up, corn is popping up, strawberries are covered in flowers.  The rest of the tomatoes and peppers look great, as do their replacements.  The brussels sprouts, cabbage, chard, broccoli and cauliflower all are fine.  The flowers for cutting are ducky, as is the basil.  The peas and spinach are growing as fast as they can.  Though there is only one lone bean sprouting through.  No sign of carrots yet either.  Or beets.  But they’ll come.  I had written one of the cherry trees off as dead, but low and behold there’s some nice new green leaves sprouting so all is not lost.

Oh gardening.  The emotional roller coaster.

In super awesome good news, Dave Allen has just joined the crew at my husbands tattoo shop!  It’s going to be great having another artist around this summer.  Scott is really looking forward to having someone else to tattoo, fish and drink scotch beside.

We’ve decided we should name our farm The Super Annoying Animal Farm.  Dibly, in grass-is-always-greener fashion, keeps getting her head stuck in the fence.  I see a hot wires in their future.  The baby chicks are at that highly smelly, manky stage… too big to be cute, too small to  be out on grass.  Daisy Duke does about 37,002 annoying things every day in her rabid quest for love and attention.  NoNo Goo Eyes only wants to play loudly once the kids have just fallen asleep and are more prone to waking up.  CatCat chews plastic bags –  a quiet noise that wakes me up from a dead sleep.  Puppers riles up Daisy.  Daisy continues to be annoying.  And the laying hens refuse to use straw in their nesting penthouse and therefore get poo all over their eggs.  And yet somehow, we are planning to add MORE animals to the mix.


Bobs Bird HouseBob’s Bird House (Sparrows have already made a nest!)

HugsGroup hug!


  1. Jessica · June 10, 2009

    At least you don’t have kangaroos and wombats smashing your fences down in order to eat all the plants to ground level and ringbark your trees :) And wow, summer frost?? What does that even *mean*?? Hopefully the tomatoes that died were just the weak ones.

    I can send you some kangaroos if you’d like, just to make the super annoying animal farm complete. Believe me, kangaroos make ALL those animals look like nobel laureate scientists.

    I recieved your lip balm a while ago, its going great so far!! Looking forward to taking it up the mountains (its winter here atm), but it fared very well when I went bushwalking a few weeks back. :D

  2. Monica · June 10, 2009

    Cute hug picture! I hope you don’t get any more frost! Yikes, we’ve been frost free for 2 weeks I think. Hope your well!

  3. Rae · June 10, 2009

    i cant even imagine getting frost in june! good luck with all your gardening goodness. the hubs and i have been talking about putting in a small garden, but we dont have very much room.

    love the hug picture :) bob is getting soooo big!

  4. Rae · June 10, 2009

    and meeps is too!

    (accidentally hit enter before i was done)

  5. Scienkoptic · June 10, 2009

    Not even any frost this winter down here!

    I’ve now got six stinky little chickens. I suspect the flies will stick around in earnest until cooler weather prevails sometime early next year.

  6. Diane Higgins · June 10, 2009

    FROST?!?! In JUNE?!?!
    holy cow- I haven’t even had a chance to LOOK at my back yard – never mind actually planting a garden.
    Wondering if you can put Daisy on a treadmill so disperse her excess energy.. she is such a lovely dog, but I can understand why she is driving you nuts.
    What a great picture of the family – and that is *SO* awesome that birds have moved in to Bob’s birdhouse!
    How is the Buckmeister? – the world’s cutest goat!

  7. Hayley · June 10, 2009

    My garden is growing very well but I am still putting up the proper ambush around it and over the past couple of nights some critter has been digging around in there, ate the tops off 2 of my yellow pepper plants, a bunch of dill, and most of my spearmint. Wherever he is he’s minty fresh and ready for the ladies….or vice versa. Hey, a new tattoo artist could give you an opportunity to plop yourself into Scott’s chair!!!

  8. Jamie · June 10, 2009

    And weeding! That is the part of gardening I despise the most. The pesky weeds that feel they need to be in my garden!

  9. michele · June 10, 2009

    I gots little black bugs up in my spinach… You get them too? Oh and aphids… and my garden is in containers. At least there are no tomato worms (yet).

  10. Jamie · June 10, 2009

    I have made an insecticide out of habenero peppers before…Cayenne pepper is enough but one year I had a horrible time with aphids…so I nuked everything (only naturally :) )

  11. Nicole · June 10, 2009

    JUNE frost, no kidding.
    I had placed my Lillies outdoors in a nice area and of course THAT night the frost hit and destroyed them, as well as half my herbs and onion. Why the onion? Just to piss me off, that’s why!

  12. Lissy Lulu · June 10, 2009

    In my family, that’s called a three-in-a-cuddle. Can also be extended to a four-in-a-cuddle. Best when performed in the round!

    Oh, an when you feel you’re ready for the next level, you have to try the circle-kiss: first go left, then go right. Then laugh together at how funny you look!

    Still good fun, even now us “babies” are grown ups in our 30s. I suppose we had better get to it and start the next generation, but just in case I don’t get to, I pass this on to you. \(`-`)/

  13. Sarah · June 10, 2009

    Gosh lady, you’re gorgeous… And (while I realize it was much worked-fer) you look amazing for having given birth to two children. How is it you kept your tattoos in such good condition during it all?

  14. Sarah · June 10, 2009

    Though, evidently I haven’t quite gotten the commenting on the right entry thing down yet. I meant for this to be on the entry immediately following this one. Apologies.

  15. Twwly · June 10, 2009

    I don’t “work out” at all. Just chase children and goats, ha.

    My tattoos look great after pregnancy thanks to (1) Clarins Tonic Oil applied 2x a day throughout preg & post partum; (2) drinking 2L+ water a day; (3) the grace of god. Ha.