Me now

I post so many pics of my kiddleywinks I figured I’d post a recent snap of myself for good measure.  Unlike the self portraits from the past, this one includes a nursing bra and potty seat in the background.  ENJOY!


Scott has homework almost every night.  He works a full day, comes home, puts the kids to bed and then drags his barely conscious self down to the kitchen to draw for clients.  Some mornings when I come down to see the previous evenings creation, I feel like sneaking off with it and keeping it all for myself!  I love this piece he just put on our friend Rob.

wolf in sheep

I love that the sheeps wool looks like Tibetan clouds and I love the livestock ID tag in its ear.  And the intestines.  I do love intestines.  Not that I’m planning on getting any of those things in my next tattoo (hoping to get some big roses on the sides of my neck before we start my back) but a girl can dream, can’t she?


  1. Joan · June 4, 2009

    you always look so gorgeous Ash. Love the potty in the background lol
    Wolf in Sheep’s clothing is fabulous btw.

  2. BJ · June 4, 2009

    I think you look much better with dark hair. You were a beautiful blonde but I like how the dark looks natural.

  3. Steph · June 4, 2009

    Love the long hair, looks fabulous on you and that shirt is super cute :)
    The drawing is amazing! That’s quite the talented hubby you got there.

  4. rigel · June 4, 2009

    your hair is so long now, it’s beautiful :)

  5. Nicolle · June 4, 2009

    you look amazing ashley! you’ve had two kids?! :P
    and i am jealous of that drawing’s coolness. i wish i were cool enough to don a tattoo that fantastic and creative. scott is awesome!

  6. annie · June 4, 2009

    you are so beautiful. just stunningly amazingly gorgeous. i think this is probably the best photo of you. i like the natural mama look (of course!)
    i miss you so much lately.
    love annie

    p.s.. neck tattoos sound so good right now.

  7. Meaghan · June 4, 2009

    Man, your bathroom mirror is clean! My mirror selfies always have toothpaste spots in them :P

    That drawing is awesome! I’m booked in to start my sleeve in September and I’m soooo pumped for it!

  8. Kelly Marie · June 4, 2009

    gorgeous as always Ashley! I must echo the previous posters in my love of your dark hair, you look so fresh and natural.

  9. Kelly Marie · June 4, 2009

    Oh yes and neck tattoosssss… I want to get mine done so bad. A big fierce lady bug to represent my Greyson, my buggy boy.

  10. Valium · June 4, 2009

    you look stunning :)

  11. Marie · June 4, 2009

    Yay, a big photo of you! ^-^
    I’m not sure who I envy most – you or your husband. You look amazing :)

    Have a nice day <3

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  13. Charley · June 4, 2009

    I think the potty and the bra only adds to the whole composition ;) You look really great, love the long hair!

  14. Ivy · June 4, 2009

    Great t-shirt, great custom art.

  15. Sarah · June 4, 2009

    That design looks fabulous, and so do you!

  16. Siobhan · June 4, 2009

    Love the shirt. Love the art. You look fabulous. How many days a week does Scott work? Cohen is just now getting really busy for the first time since he’s started tattooing and it’s nuts with the long days and the homework and we don’t even have kids. I hope you guys still find time to be together. I recently heard the term tattoo widow for wives of tattoo artists and some days it makes sense.

  17. rebecca · June 4, 2009

    did you clean your bathroom mirror before this shot?? it SPARKLES!!! as do you! you look great, like everyone has already said. and your hair is so long, i love it, and i’m jealous and wish i had never cut mine off…..

  18. Shoobie · June 4, 2009

    What kind of camera is that? You seem to take such nice pictures with it, and I’ve been curious. Now I can see it in the mirror but I don’t know what it is!

  19. Tink · June 4, 2009

    You’re so beautiful, Twwly!!

    I love this photo!

  20. Twwly · June 4, 2009

    My camera is just a digital Rebel. The lens is a Sigma 20mm 1.8, with 82mm glass.

    Rebecca – baby time is a great time to grow hair. That’s how mine got this long, ha.

  21. Natalie · June 4, 2009

    Wow, you look so beautiful after having 2 kids. I met you last year when I was in the shop getting some work done and you were pregnant that time and you looked great. Motherhood really suits you. Beautiful!!

  22. Poppy · June 4, 2009

    Love the Upper Playground shirt! You look great!