Me now

I post so many pics of my kiddleywinks I figured I’d post a recent snap of myself for good measure.  Unlike the self portraits from the past, this one includes a nursing bra and potty seat in the background.  ENJOY!


Scott has homework almost every night.  He works a full day, comes home, puts the kids to bed and then drags his barely conscious self down to the kitchen to draw for clients.  Some mornings when I come down to see the previous evenings creation, I feel like sneaking off with it and keeping it all for myself!  I love this piece he just put on our friend Rob.

wolf in sheep

I love that the sheeps wool looks like Tibetan clouds and I love the livestock ID tag in its ear.  And the intestines.  I do love intestines.  Not that I’m planning on getting any of those things in my next tattoo (hoping to get some big roses on the sides of my neck before we start my back) but a girl can dream, can’t she?