To Do Today

- Chickens: feed, water, eggs
Goats: grain, water, mineral, yeast, kelp, wormer
Dogs: food, water
Cats: food
– Bucky: morning bottle, afternoon bottle, night bottle, check wounds, vitamin C, probiotics, electrolytes, delouser, eyewash, dio-earth around his pen
wash dirty diapers and at least one more load
pick up bread from neighbour
- drop off can opener to neighbour
- take pics of neighbours barn beams and pick up rotenone
pick up Scott’s birthday prez, card
prepare next garden bed: raise, peat, manure
plant spinach, peas
empty & refill dishwasher
put out transplants to harden
water indoor transplants
clean disgusting stove top
finish preview pics for Steve, upload set
pick up friend’s B-day card
dinner at 6:30. DON’T BE LATE. **We were 10 min EARLY! WOO!
and of course: feed, water, potty, nap and entertain 2 children

Wondering who Bucky is? This is Bucky:
Bucky was Plucky

Bucky is a goat we just rescued. He was not getting the care he needed. He was trounced by a horse when he was about a month old (which seems to have broken his ankle, which went untreated) and left him with a small abscess from a wound. Well the abscess went untreated and went from being about the size of a ping pong ball to a football. That’s a big abscess on a little baby goat (he’s just over 2 months now). To complicate matters, it is so large that it has started to bung up his plumbing (both his penis and testicles have disappeared inside of it).  It was freshly drained in this picture so you can’t see the lump.

Imagine clipping the end off of a bag of milk and that milk just pouring out. That’s what’s been pouring out of poor Bucky’s belly (after a belch of the foulest smelling air). Only about 1,287 times more smelly than even the stinkiest of off milk.  We’re going to keep this abscess drained and see if we can get him to start healing.  If we can’t, we’ll be putting him down.

He deserves a fighting chance, instead of being left to deteriorate and die. I understand (and agree with) culling sick animals out of your herd to keep your herd healthy. I get the ruthlessness of rural living. I just don’t get neglect.

Big thanks to Andrew White DVM of Gordon Lake & Veterinary on Queen in Kincardine, Ontario. If you live in the Kincardine area and are looking for a new vet, please check out Andrew and Heather. They provide excellent veterinary care.